Ultra Flexibility – Adjusting Work spaces with Workflow

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Make the shift between different work space modules based on your workload and office space requirements.

Flexibility has taken a front seat in office spaces since the start of the pandemic. The constant shift between Work from Office (WFO), Hybrid, and Work from Home (WFH) options has left the tenants overpaying for office spaces that they may or may not use.

With the introduction of flexibility into the equation, office owners can now relocate between different work space modules i.e co-working, serviced, and fully furnished office spaces. Here, both the employers and employees benefit from the added advantage of working in an office space that fits them just right, without worrying about the space being empty or too crammed.

Flexi-Lease: Shift within your lock-in period

You can shift between different sizes of work spaces without breaking your lease agreement by upsizing or downsizing seamlessly. Dwaraka Infrastructure gives you the flexibility to move into any other available space within the various offices located within close proximity without violating the lease agreement. This makes moving between office spaces convenient. 

Dwaraka infrastructure has multiple office spaces available in prominent areas close to the IT hub of Hyderabad in and around Hitech city, Madhapur, Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills, and Kondapur.

Flexi-Space: Grow or Downsize in multiples of 300 sq ft

Dwaraka Infrastructure not only provides you with the flexibility of shifting between various office spaces based on your office space requirements, but it also provides you seamless expansion within the same space by allowing you to add or reduce your size requirement to multiples of 300 sq. ft.

This flexi-space is made possible by creating an interlinked system of multiple, configurable office spaces. Dwaraka Infrastructure has pioneered the flexi-space concept allowing you to customise the rental spaces according to your preferences. Configure the office space based on accessibility, the number of workstations, cabins, conference rooms, recreational areas, lobby space, parking, etc.

Personalized Office Spaces and CoWorking

Work spaces at any one of Dwaraka Infrastructure’s buildings can be personalized to suit your needs. You can speak to our sales advisor about your office space requirements and we will help you create spaces that suit your business needs. From the design of your interiors to the choice of furniture – we are happy to help you create an office space that suits you.

Convenience and comfort are given top priorities at the Dwaraka group. With the help of our in-house service team in place, all your maintenance hassles are a thing of the past.

Flexi-Shift: Shift between different Office Spaces

Scaling office spaces according to business requirements is a concept still new to the office owners of Hyderabad. Dwaraka Infrastructure is one of the first office space providers, that is offering their tenants an option to shift to multiple new office spaces within the same building or to a different building. Dwaraka has 12 buildings across Hyderabad. The tenant has the flexibility of moving into office spaces of their choice at any point of time within the lock-in period. The rental space owners can now upsize and down-size to different work-space modules like Coworking, plug and play, fully furnished, etc. At Dwaraka, the transition process is very smooth with adequate support in every step of the process.

More Flexibility at Dwaraka

Dwaraka Infrastructure offers a great opportunity for tenants looking for flexibility as their top priority, given the ever-changing work requirements. One can avail of the benefits of working with flexible rental office spaces at Dwaraka Infrastructure. 

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Rakesh – Sales Manager @9704983995 Sales@dwarakagroup.com

Pradeep – Director @ 9490414411 pradeep@dwarakagroup.com  

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