Coworking Spaces – Are They Suitable for Enterprises?

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Coworking spaces are designed with an intent to maximize productivity through collaboration between working individuals. Coworking spaces are known for their flexibility and hassle free nature thus creating an environment suitable for an open-work style.

Larger workforces offering flexibility in work models are in need of more adjustable workspaces. This is where Coworking spaces can offer the advantage of catering to the needs of evolving workspace requirements of enterprises. Below are a few benefits that come from hiring coworking office spaces for their processes. 

Privacy and Space for creative processes 

Enterprise businesses, given their enormity may not find it comfortable to conduct all of their processes under one roof. This is particularly relevant to the smaller creative teams in an otherwise larger setup. The teams that need high levels of collaboration and peer discussions at their core can have the privacy and space they need when housed in a separate space dedicated to their needs. Coworking spaces are best suited for this need.

Ease of Expansion 

Ability to expand or downsize according to the requirement is a big advantage with Coworking spaces. Upsize or downsize when with the project needs, or use the coworking space until new facilities are signed up.
Dwaraka infrastructure has an availability of coworking spaces in multiples of 300sq.ft to accommodate teams from as low as 4 people going all the way upto 600 employees.

No Capex 

The biggest benefit of signing up for a coworking space is the significant savings in Capex. From the cost of furnishing the space to the provision of creature comforts – the coworking spaces have it all, saving valuable cash for other purposes.

Save Time & Effort

One can imagine the amount of time and planning that goes into setting up an office space. But more important is the hassle of managing an office workspace month over month. Coworking spaces are managed spaces that offer full service – including janitorial services, networking, power backup and CCTV Security. 

Better for Networking

Coworking spaces, unlike enterprise office spaces, are home to many companies. This provides a platform for new ideas, multi-dimensional engagement, a start-up like enthusiasm and could even help you  scout new talent. 

No Long Term Lease

The rigid lease terms and numerous years into the lease period can be something of a disadvantage to enterprises. Long leases also bring inconveniences of its own – right from legal agreements to seeking organizational approvals for the huge sum of deposits that need to be made. Coworking spaces – with their pay-as-you-go models can help you add the number of seats or reduce them as and when required. 

Flexi-shift within Dwaraka

Previously, we have talked about making the shift into coworking spaces. Dwaraka infrastructure offers the flexibility of shifting back to dedicated office spaces among the many available spaces within the 11 office buildings of Dwaraka group. The shift between Dwaraka groups office spaces does not violate lease terms and therefore requires less administrative approvals for an enterprise.

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