Recent Trends In Coworking Spaces – Hyderabad

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The success of coworking spaces today has everything to do with the lucrative cost benefits and the notable increase in productivity that comes from adhering to one’s own working style. Coworking spaces are on the rise, and with changing times come new trends.

New trends in coworking spaces

The new trends in coworking spaces with evolving work-space requirements are listed below: 

Tech Enabled

Coworking spaces are evolving to become more technologically advanced. This means most office spaces function without manual interference by automated technology like biometrics, online bookings, automated invoices, attendance tracking etc.

Dwaraka Infrastructure makes use of the above technology along with the provision of an in-house facilities management app.  
Bookings can be made for conference rooms; requests for housekeeping; and grievances can be lodged.  You can read more about the Dwaraka Facilities Management App on our blog. 

Book Conference Rooms on an Hourly Basis.

Companies might find themselves looking for a private meeting space for their creative teams where work can flow smoothly. For companies looking to rent conference rooms for a brief period of time, coworking spaces are a feasible and cost-effective option.

The conference rooms at Dwaraka can be hired for a couple of hours at any of our co-working spaces in the Hitech City and Madhapur areas. All of our conference rooms are fully geared to meet your business needs with  High speed connectivity, smart TV, appropriate lighting, and an on-demand supply of stationary and ideation tools.

Fresh & Modern Interiors

The interiors in coworking spaces are smartly designed for customization according to the requirements of the people using them. The interior design in coworking spaces can oscillate between two spectrums: relaxed and sophisticated. In a relaxed atmosphere, this can be reflected in the type of furniture used, like sofas, bean bags, swings, etc., and in the overall tone of the space, from the choice of wall colors, wall posters, indoor plants, etc.  A more professional coworking space can have neutral tones and ergonomic furniture.

Dwaraka Infrastructure has designed coworking spaces with modern interiors that fit right with your business tastes. 

Advantages of multiple locations in Hyderabad

A coworking space is known for its flexibility, and the flexibility of location is one of them. The closer you find the coworking spaces located, the shorter the commute, thereby saving time and energy. Most coworking spaces grow by planting themselves in multiple locations for a farther reach. The ease of shifting between different coworking locations without breaking the lease is now a budding trend allowed by space holders.  

The added advantage of no additional Dwaraka Group is one of the first few companies to practice it through Flexi-shift. Dwaraka Group now owns a total of 11 buildings in the following locations of Hyderabad- Hitech City, Madhapur, Gachibowli, etc. Dwaraka allows the flexibility of shifting between coworking spaces of multiple locations. 

Coworking spaces to suit enterprises 

Current times have larger companies exploring the option of converting a portion of their work into coworking. The coworking office spaces are modeled to mimic a more sophisticated space suitable for enterprises, with l capex and opex costs.  

Coworking spaces at Dwaraka are built to accommodate a total of 610 employees with the availability of 610 seater office spaces. Learn more about coworking spaces for enterprises at Dwarka group.

According to industry predictions, coworking spaces are said to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry by 2030. As Coworking spaces prioritize community and wellness, more and more people are making the shift to coworking over traditional office spaces. Thus, making coworking a convenient option for everybody.

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